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:: L3 Communications Aviation Recorders
   USA, Florida, Sarasota (Cage Code: 06141)

L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders are the world's leading manufacturer of Solid State Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders for Commercial, Civil and Military Applications.

L-3AR's recorders, better known as "Black Boxes" and carrying forward the Fairchild Aviation Recorders brand name that dates back to 1959, promotes safety by providing safety investigators with reliable information on aircraft as well as crew performance in the time leading to an incident or accident.


- Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder (SSCVR)
- Cabin Surveillance System
- Solid State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) - Modular Recording System (MADRAS)
- Solid State Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (SSCVFDR)
- Combined Recorder
- Micro Quick Access Recorder (Micro QAR) - Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
- Micro QAR Portable Data Download - Flight Data Acquisition Unit (FDAU)
- Modular Airborne Data Recording Acquisition System (MADRAS) - Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Class II & III
- Readout Support Equipment (ROSE) - Hard Landing Indicator System
- ROSE Portable Interface (ROSE PI)
- Airborne AIS
- ROSE Analysis Unit (RAU)


- ISO9001:2000 / AS9100B:2004 Quality Certifications
- Air Agency Certifcate
- European Aviation Safety Agency
- U.S Department of Transportation

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