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:: Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, LLC

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Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems is a leader in safety avionics systems that increase safety, situational awareness and efficiency for commercial and military flight operators. Products include the TCAS 3000SP™ and TCAS 2000™ traffic alert and collision avoidance systems; MASS™, an enhanced TCAS for military operations; a family of Mode S transponders (RCZ-852™, XS-950™, and XS-950SI™); the T²CAS® and T³CAS™ integrated surveillance systems and TAWS+™. The ACSS portfolio also includes a set of automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) solutions called SafeRoute™. More than 75,000 ACSS products are operating in commercial, corporate and military aircraft. As a leader for more than 35 years in aerospace supply chain management, KAPCO has been a model of reliability.  We provide a wide range of high quality FAA approved parts which include; machined components and assemblies, electrical components and connectors, seals clamps and couplings to the OEM’s commercial aviation, aircraft operators, various government agencies and third party repair stations throughout the world.   

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